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Birdsboro, Pennsylvania production plant

The Birdsboro, PA plant produces Rilsan® Nylon 11 and  Rilsamid® Nylon 12 thermoplastic resins, which are known for their outstanding chemical/abrasion/impact and moisture resistance, dimensional stability and easy processability by a variety of markets.

The automotive and trucking industry is a major market for Nylon 11 and 12, where they are used for fuel line tubing, fuel fittings, vapor lines, pumps and air brakes.


We also produce copolymer Pebax® resins, which are used in applications such as cycling and sport shoes, watch bands, ski boots, other recreational and athletic products and medical applications such as cardiac catheters.

The Birdsboro facility and its sister sister plants in Serquigny, France and Zhangjiagang (Hipro), China are the only producers of Nylon 11 in the world.

Community involvement

  • Arkema Science Teacher Program – As part of this award-winning Science Teacher Program, local elementary science teachers spend a week exploring the lessons in science kits of their choice, with the help of the plant’s science professionals as their mentors. The program is designed to help science teachers expand and enhance their science teaching skills.
  • Responsible Care® – We adhere to an industry-wide initiative among members of the American Chemistry Council. Through Responsible Care®, our industry demonstrates its continuing commitment to health, safety and the environment.

Local associations / Events we sponsor

  • Conduct drills and meet regularly with the local Exeter Township and Birdsboro Volunteer Fire Departments
  • Local elementary and high school activities/science fairs in our community
  • Miller-Keystone Blood Mobile blood donations
  • Provide support to the local United Way® Association
  • Provide support to the TriCounty Keystone Blood Bank Association

Community news

Birdsboro passes one-million man-hours without a recordable injury

Arkema's Birdsboro, PA plant celebrated 1 million man hours without a recordable injury.

Arkema’s Birdsboro, PA site hit a major milestone, with 1-million man-hours (over seven years) without a recordable injury. As part of Arkema’s company-wide “Drive to Zero” initiative to reach zero recordable injuries at its sites across the globe, Birdsboro employees stress a culture of safety both at work and at home. Birdsboro’s plant manager Bill Smith notes, “We take pride in sending our employees home safe to their families after each day of work.  The million man hours recordable-free is not just another award or milestone to these men and women, it is their lives, their families’ lives, and the community’s well-being, which is why we are all so proud to reach this achievement together.”



Arkema is committed to the communities it serves through Common Ground.

Key figures for 2015

# of employees 60
Local economic impact (payroll/utility/ property taxes paid annually) More than $8 million in 2015
Investment in the community

~$1 Million total investment in 2015

● Repair/replacement of equipment at the plant

Investment in health, environment and safety

$50,000 in approved capital investments in 2015 for health, safety, and environmental projects
● Upgrade of HVAC equipment

● Completed storage tank secondary containment project to eliminate spill potential

● Completed upgrade of plant emergency generator to provide improved emergency power

● Completed upgrade of dust collector explosion suppression systems due to obsolescence

Safety record  ● One OSHA recordable injury in the last 7 years
● Achieved one million manhours without injury on October 21, 2015

● Maintained 100% participation in the Behavior Based Safety Process

Awards/Certifications for safety, environmental, and quality ISO 9001:2008 
ISO 17025:2005 (American Association of Laboratories Accreditation)
● Supplier Performance Awards
Other ● Twin Valley School System Leadership Award (2010)

Rilsan®, Rilsamid® and Pebax® are registered trademarks of Arkema
Responsible Care® is a registered trademark of the American Chemistry Council
Last updated: December 2, 2015