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Clear Lake, Texas production plant and Acrylics headquarters

The Clear Lake, TX site is both the production site and North American headquarters for Arkema’s Acrylics business.

Plant Manager Brian Wilson interview with BIC magazine – December 2016

Arkema Inc. owns and operates the Clear Lake facility in the Pasadena Industrial District. The plant manufactures three products:

  • Acrylic acid
  • Butyl acrylate
  • Methyl acrylate


The acrylic acid manufacturing unit makes acrylic acid using a process that reacts propylene (petroleum gas) with oxygen (air) to produce acrylic acid. The plant runs year-round on a 24-hour schedule.

The butyl acrylate manufacturing unit makes butyl acrylate using a process that combines acrylic acid with butanol (butyl alcohol) to produce butyl acrylate.


The methyl acrylate manufacturing unit makes methyl acrylate using a process that combines acrylic acid with methanol  (methyl alcohol) to produce methyl acrylate.

Acrylic acid, butyl acrylate and methyl acrylate are widely used in the manufacture of personal care and household products including such items as disposable diapers, hand lotion, detergent, shampoo, acrylic yarn and water-based acrylic coatings, and water treatment chemicals.

Community involvement

  • Bay Community Advisory Panel (CAP) – All local Bayport chemical companies work together in an open environment with local area residents to educate them on our safety programs, answer questions and address concerns on a monthly basis.
  • Industrial Mutual Aid Program – We participate in the Chemical Industry Mutual Aid (CIMA) in coordination with other chemical companies in the area (East Harris County Manufacturing Association), which was designed to help each other prepare for and respond to natural disasters or accidents. A pager system is utilized to notify all chemical companies in the area when there has been an emergency so they can help respond quickly if needed.

Local associations / Events we sponsor

  • Armand Bayou Nature Center
  • Pasadena Livestock Show and Rodeo BBQ Cook-off
  • Trash Bash for local bayous and waterways
  • United Way®

Community news

Clear Lake Celebrates 6 Years Injury-Free

Arkema's Clear Lake, TX site celebrated 3.5 million man hours OSHA recordable injury free.

Arkema’s Clear Lake, Texas plant recently celebrated a great milestone—six years without an OSHA recordable injury. This is nearly 2,200 days and 3.5 million work hours. To commemorate the occasion, employees shared lunch and cake. Plant management congratulated the team on this tremendous achievement: “This is an absolutely incredible accomplishment and it is a true testament to the total commitment that you have to our ‘drive to zero’ safety journey. You are living proof that our goal of zero injuries is not just a dream, but rather it can be a reality.”


Arkema is committed to the communities it serves through Common Ground.

Key figures for 2015

# of employees 120 (plus ~60 nested contractors)
Local economic impact (payroll/utility/property taxes paid annually)  ~$40 million in 2015
Investment in the community ~ $40,000 investment in 2015
● Employee United Way® contributions
● Sponsorships
● Volunteer hours
● Contributions to other local events and charities
Investment in growth at the site, health, environment and safety

Investment plan in the Acrylics business

~$20M capital investment yearly – including ~$2M in health, safety and environmental projects

● Automated process safety shut down systems
● Mechanical integrity
● Process safety improvements
Safety record  ● 3.2 million hours since the last recordable injury
● 11 years since the last lost time injury
Awards/Certifications for safety, environmental, and quality

ISO 9001:2008 

ISO 18001:2007

ISO 14001:2004
● Various customer and supplier awards
● Arkema President Star Safety Award – in recognition of personal commitment to safety

● 2013 Arkema Safety Award

● Responsible Care Management System Certified



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Last updated: December 2, 2015