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Paladin® soil fumigant

Arkema recently launched a new soil fumigant in North America that is now being marketed around the world.

Paladin® is a novel, pre-plant soil fumigant for the treatment of weeds, soil-borne plant pathogens and nematodes in soils to be planted with vegetable and fruit crops where plastic-culture is used for fumigation. The new fumigant is now registered with theUnited States environmental protection agency (EPA) as a restricted use pesticide to be used only by certified applicators. 

Derived from DMDS, it is produced biogenically in wetlands and oceans, and plays a role in the global sulfur cycle. It is also produced by certain plants, including members of the Allium and Brassica families, where it has been postulated to play a natural defensive role in response to damage. Measurable levels of biogenic DMDS are found in a variety of crops and foods.