Arkema Inc. history (before 1950)


  • Pennsylvania Salt's new plant in Calvert City, KY was completed and began making hydrofluoric acid.


  • In Monrovia, CA, Pennsylvania Salt began manufacturing post-harvest agrichemicals. Pennsylvania Salt acquired the Cornwell Heights, PA plant.
  • A division of the Rohm and Haas Company began manufacturing Plexiglas® acrylic resins in Bristol, PA.
  • Pennsylvania Salt constructed a plant in Portland, OR to produce chlorates and commodity chemicals.


  • Pennsylvania Salt opened its caustic soda and liquid chlorine plant in Tacoma, WA.


  • Goldschmidt Detinning changed its name to Metals and Thermit Company.


  • Home of the Wire Mills Production Department, the Homer, NY plant of R. H. Miller Company began operations. 


  • The Goldschmidt Detinning Company was formed.


  • Theodore Armstrong, one of the principals of the Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company, purchased the "Wyandotte" property in Riverview, MI for an operating facility. The 100-acre property contained large salt deposits, estimated as able to supply 180,000 tons a year for 150 years. The first product manufactured at this facility was caustic soda (lye) and chlorine as a byproduct. In addition, salt was also mined and sold to the meatpacking industry.


  • Pennsylvania Salt shipped 500 barrels of oil to London, the first refined petroleum exported from the United States.


  • The Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company was organized by five Quakers in Philadelphia.