Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz production plant

The Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz production plant produces liquid organic peroxides and liquid organic chlorides.

The El Chapo, Mexico site viewed from outside

Liquid organic peroxides and liquid organic chlorides are used in many industries in the Americas in the production of plastics such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and low density polyethylene, as well as in fiberglass resins and elastomers and rubber compounds.

As part of a corporate merger in 2011, the Coatzacoalcos site known as Luperox® Iniciadores S.A. de C.V. is now named Arkema Mexico.

Community involvement and sponsorships

  • AIEVAC Industrial Association of Veracruz State – We are a member of the AIEVAC.
  • ANIQ Member since 2012 – We obtained a Responsible Care® certification.
  • Civil Protection Program - Implemented in 2013.
  • El Chapo schools – Since 2005, our plant has been supporting the Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools located in El Chapo and El Tunel.
  • Also, the plant helps associations and foundations dedicated to children’s burn care and environmental recycling.
  • Interplant Local Help Committee (CLAM) member – As a member of CLAM we help provide mutual support and response for emergencies.
  • Part of ARHIAC - (Industrial human resource association)
  • Refurbishment of the 7 de Noviembre School in El Chapo – Arkema donated funds to rebuild the school’s foundation and roof. In addition, the company helped pay for new electrical wiring, drainage systems, sidewalks, and washrooms for the schoolchildren.

Key figures for 2015

# of employees 49
Local economic impact (payroll/utility/property taxes paid annually) $2.8 million USD in 2015
Investment in the community More than $80,000 USD investment in the last 10 years
● Site management meets regularly with local officials to ensure that the community is aware of plant activities.
● Open Doors Program – Regularly gives plant tours to allow local students, neighbors, and the relatives of our employees a closer look at the facility and its commitment to safety and the environment. In 2014 we hosted a Family Safety Day in the plant.
Investment in health, environment and safety

$300,000 USD in approved capital investments in 2014 for health, safety, and environmental projects, $273,000 USD in 2015
● The site follows the Modern Safety Management protocol and provides employees with frequent and comprehensive training.
● Improved mechanical integrity programs
● Site inlet/outlet checks
● Monitoring and control process alarm improvements
● Since 1997, PROFEPA (the Mexican Federal Ministry for Environmental Protection) has issued its « Clean Industry Certificate » (Certificado de Industria Limpia) to the site for its efforts to maintain a clean facility that complies with applicable regulations.

● Responsible Care® certification

● Improve the WWTP

Safety record  No injuries in more than 7 years.
● More than 1.8 million hours with no lost time incidents
Awards/Certifications for safety, environmental, and quality ISO 9001:2008
● MSM Level 7
● For 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2012, the site was awarded Arkema’s bronze, silver, and then gold Safety Excellence Awards – in recognition of employees working the entire year with no accidents resulting in days away from work or restricted work.
● Awarded Excellence pour la Securite Worldwide SAFE Trophies (2006)
● Arkema’s President’s Safety Award Platinum and Superior Safety Performance Award (2007)
● Arkema’s Outstanding Safety Performance Award (2009 and 2010)

Luperox® is a registered trademarks of Arkema Inc.

Responsible Care® is a registered tradmark of the American Chemistry Council
Last updated: December 02, 2015