Matamoros, Tamaulipas production plant

Maquiladora General de Matamoros S.A. de C.V. (MGM for short) manufactures three different families of products: Plexiglas® acrylic sheet using the cell cast process, aerospace products and plastic modifiers by bulk process.

The acrylic sheets are produced in various thicknesses from 1/16" to 2" in more than 40 colors and in three standard sizes: 4' x 8', 5' x 8' and 6' x 8' (plus custom sizes).

View from outside of the Matamoros, Mexico facility

Plexiglas® products’ main characteristics are: moderate solvent and impact resistance in addition to color consistency, exceptional optics, brightness, thermoforming capabilities, machineability, weather resistance and UV filtering properties.


Our acrylic sheets are mainly used in five different markets: sign industry, glass substitution, point of purchase, sanitary and aerospace applications. There are many more applications ranging from furniture to decorative items.


Plexiglas® SB and Plexiglas® SBAR (security barrier abrasion resistance) acrylic sheet are used where high impact glazing is required, Plexiglas® UVT acrylic sheet is used primarily for tanning beds.


The main use for plastic modifiers is for pool flooring, sanitary applications and granite appearance sheeting.

Community involvement

  • AMMAC – Active participation in Energy Committee Counsel, focused on developing best practices for Matamoros Zone to reduce footprint and adequate use of energy.
  • Bi-national drill participation – Active participation of Arkema Matamoros brigades on preparedness and execution of USA and Mexico emergency drills.
  • Charitable contributions - MGM contributions to the Union were used to build a park for all employees to enjoy with their families.
  • Civic and business associations – Active memberships in community organizations (AMMAC: HES, Human Resources, Finance, Legal, Plant Manager meetings, and COMECI: Safety, Environmental in the Industrial Park).
  • COSSECCIM (per its Spanish initials) Health, Safety and Contingencies Committee for the Matamoros Industrial Park – The plant has been the leader in the local industrial park in the development of a local emergency plan.
  • Teachers and school administrators - MGM has received several visits from the community Professional School.  The objective is to demonstrate how a real chemical company works and share our knowledge with students and teachers.

Community news

Arkema's Matamoros, Mexico plant held a comprehensive safety drill.

Arkema Matamoros plant safety

Arkema’s Matamoros safety staff actively participated in Health, Safety and Contingency Week activities at the Industrial park at Matamoros, Mexico the week of November 25, alongside state officials.  The event was part of an effort to build strong relationships between the government and the Industrial Park Council.  Firefighters and first aid brigades demonstrated skills acquired during the training that takes place throughout the year at the Matamoros plant.


See the teams in action here:


Arkema is committed to the communities it serves through Common Ground.

Local associations / Events we sponsor

  • AMMAC (Asociación de Maquiladoras de Matamoros) - Matamoros Maquiladoras Association
  • COMECI (Comité de Mejoras de la Ciudad Industrial) - Industrial Park Improvements Committee

Key figures for 2015

The Arkema Matamoros facility is committed to the community, to its employees, its customers and its process. Our mission is to be a profitable integral part of Arkema and to become the preferred supplier of cell cast sheets in North America. We are combining our efforts to work as a team with other Arkema International cell cast facilities in Europe to better serve customer needs around the world. We believe in the growth of the business based on innovation and in the development of new products. We strive to be a model company, respected for its ethics, its support to the community and for having talented and highly dedicated employees.

# of employees 136
Local Economic Impact (Utility/Property Taxes Paid Annually)  More than $3 million USD annually
Investment in the community $15,000 USD investment in 2015

● The plant is committed to the community and works with the local university to cultivate future engineers’ high working standards by providing real industrial experience.

● Sponsors local schools, firefighting department and assists during national natural disasters.

● Sponsored part of the Union Labor recreational center.

● Provides scholarships to employees to improve their professional skills.
Investment in health, environment and safety $370,000 USD in approved capital investments in 2015 for health, safety, and environmental projects

● Self management system audit conducted by Secretariat Labor. The outcome of the audit was the recommendation to receive a Self Management Certificate Level III.

● Safety Integrated system model implemented to create an integrated safety culture. This model includes behavior based safety observations, safe work assessment tools and computer based training along with pre-start meetings and safety plans by department.

● Participation on the Matamoros Industrial Park Council as Emergency, Risk and Health coordinator.
Safety record  More than 18 years since an on-the-job injury resulted in lost work time.
Awards/Certifications for safety, environmental, and quality ● Obtained re-certification of the ISO 9001:2008.
• Self Management Certificate Level III.

Plexiglas® is a registered trademark of Arkema Inc.

Last updated: December 2, 2015