Araçariguama, Brazil production plant

The Araçariguama plant began operations in October 2012 as Albercryl and in December 2012 as Coatex LATAM.  The facility opened with 31 employees.  The plant lies 54 Km from São Paulo City and it is located in an industrial area adjacent to the north side of the village of Araçariguama, next to the Castelo Branco highway.

The Araçariguama plant produces a wide range of low-VOC (volatile organic compound) resin technologies, including waterborne emulsions and binders, high solids and high performance coating additives for formulators of architectural coatings, industrial finishes, construction products, traffic paints, sealants and adhesive products.


The development & application laboratory is in charge of getting support to the LATAM market by promoting associative thickeners, dispersant agents as well as binders to coatings, adhesives, construction, textile, paper, graphic ink, mineral rrocessing and home & personal care. The technical team is responsible for developing binders to meet Brazilian requirements.




The company is launching a product for an area of ​​paints: A resin with less odor of the market and another resin with a very competitive cost. All productions at the Coatex Latin America plant in Araçariguama.

Our commitment to safety and the environment

Safety remains our utmost priority. The facility is also committed to complying with all regulations and standards related to environmental protection and pollution prevention. In order to ensure this facility operates according to the same high standards as other Coatex sites, a thermal oxidizer is scheduled for installation in 2017. This thermal oxidizer will destroy 99.999% of harmful emissions. The facility is also being upgraded to be highly automated for safety. All finished products we produce are non-hazardous.

Community involvement

  • Human resources group - We participate in a human resources group from the Araçariguama region, where we share best practices and carry out common events, training, etc. 
  • Professional Formation Program "Young Beginner" - In an effort to develop professional potential in our region, Coatex is working with an intern from the local community.
  • With Arkema, Coatex Latam is participating in the Brazilian Chemical Industry Association - ABIQUIM represents the Brazilian manufacturers of chemical products and deals with a wide variety of issues, including the coordination of Atuação Responsável (Brazilian version of Responsible Care program); quality, environment and safety related issues; human resources development; statistics; economic studies; product advocacy; free trade agreements; tariff negotiations; and others. ABIQUIM operates a 24-hour toll free telephone service for safety in the transportation of chemical products (Pró-Química) and coordinates special programs related to some areas of the chemical industry, such as Plastivida, which deals with the use and recycling of plastics.
Aerial view of Coatex Aracariguama Brazil site
Employees of Coatex Aracariguama Brazil site

Key figures for 2015

# of employees 51
Local economic impact (Payroll / Utility / Property taxes paid annually) $5.0 million USD estimated for 2015
Investment in health, environment and safety

New safety upgrades for 2016 and 2017 include:
● Installation of thermal oxidizer unit

● High automation safety upgrades

Safety record

3 years with no lost time or OSHA recordable injuries

Awards/Certifications for safety, environmental, and quality

Coatex Araçariguama is working to be certified ISO 9001 by the beginning of 2016 and ISO14001and OHSAS 18001, by the end of 2017.

Last updated: December 2, 2015


About Coatex

Coatex  is  a  designer  and  a  world  producer  of  rheological  additives.  These  high  performance  and environment-friendly additives are used in a wide variety of applications, such as Painting, Paper, Mineral Processing, Detergency, Concrete, Plaster, Ceramic and Water Treatment.  Coatex is a subsidiary of Arkema, a French chemical company present in close to 50 countries.

Araçariguama, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Rodovia Gregório Spina, 2001
Distrito Industrial
CEP 18147-000 Araçariguama, São Paulo, Brazil
Phone: 4700

Manager: Fabio Michalani