Camaçari, Brazil warehouse


History of Camaçari

The warehouse that distributes to the Northeast region of Brazil

In 1992, with the acquisition of Pennwalt and its assets by the ELf Atochem group, now Arkema, one of the assets was a subsidiary in Camaçari with cold rooms that existed since 1989, to store Luperox® organic peroxides and to supply Braskem Camaçari.

Since 2015, this subsidiary, after investments in which a new building was added, has become a distribution center for the Northeastern region of Brazil, where products from all of Arkema's businesses, whether produced in Brazil (Coatex, Arkema Rio Claro) or other Arkema factories (Europe, USA, ASIA), are stored and resold.

The team is composed of 3 Arkema employees, and 5 outsourced people to carry out security and transportation.

Learn more about our Luperox® organic peroxides from their website.

 Luperox® organic peroxides


Rua Beta S/N – CEP 42.810-300

Polo Petroquimico Camaçari – BA - Brasil

Last updated: June 2017

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