Arkema Group - Brazil Headquarters

Near the industrial area of São Paulo, the Brazilian headquarters has an ideal location to respond to the customers of this great country that is Brazil.

In São Paulo, the office in the neighborhood of Moema expanded to a new set in the same building.  The activities of the commercial sector, marketing and prospection of new markets transferred to this new set in a modern, open and efficient office for these activities.

The main motivation was again the expansion of commercial activities in Brazil, mainly with the acquisition of Bostik.



Today Arkema in Brazil, headquartered in São Paulo, has approximately 450 employees in total, 3 laboratories, 5 production units, 11 distribution centers and 3 commercial branches.


Arkema Quimica Ltda

Avenida Ibirapuera 2033

4° Andar - Bairro Moema

CEP 04029-901, São Paulo

Phone:  (+55)  11 21 48 85 22

Collaboration Arkema and Unicamp