Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The carioca structure currently has an administrative and commercial office located in Barra da Tijuca, a noble and growing area of ​​Rio de Janeiro, and will have an outsourced warehouse to serve customers.

In 2016, the company just inaugurated its branch in Rio de Janeiro, at the same time that it expanded its office in São Paulo.

The company is launching new products and promises to increase its performance in other regions of Brazil.

Arkema Brazil in growth

The expansion of Arkema's operations was mainly driven by the growth of the oil and gas sector in Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo, and the migration of Arkema's subsidiary CECA to Rio de Janeiro.

In addition to these activities, other business units such as technical polymers, additives for plastic and asphalt, bottle coatings, among others, also have important clients and possibilities for expansion in the region.
Therefore, it decided to invest in opening a new subsidiary that would catalyze Arkema's operations in this region, seeking to be closer to customers. The subsidiary will provide physical support to narrow the relationships built in these states.

The need arose with the increase in the activities of the region and the possibility to better serve the current clients, with more speed and possibility of reduction of costs, and to attract new clients, with expansion of the local reseller and direct importation by the port of Rio de Janeiro.  There was also widespread acceptance by local consumers of acrylic emulsions. Our customers in Rio de Janeiro were very pleased to know that Arkema would have a local structure to facilitate business and technical support.

Learn more about our CECA brand of products from their website.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Christ Redeemer

Arkema Quimica Ltda, RJ

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Sales & Technical Manager 

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