Axis, Alabama production plant

The Axis (Mobile), Ala. plant manufactures acrylic polymers and sulfur (thio) chemicals.

Products and markets

The Axis (Mobile), Ala. plant manufactures products based on three primary chemistries: acrylic polymers, PEKK, and tin-based organometallics.  Acrylic polymers are additives used to improve the properties (Impact Modifiers) and processing (Process Aids) of a wide variety of plastic items. Impact Modifiers improve the impact resistance of PVC compounds used in pipe, siding, fencing, decking, windows, and trim. Process Aids improve the productivity, quality and cost of producing these same products in addition to film, sheet, bottles and packaging. The site also manufactures PEKK, a lightweight, high performance thermoplastic used for aerospace applications. In addition to these chemistries, the plant operates and maintains two tin-based chemistry production units for PMC Organometallix.


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Key figures for 2019

Number of employees 126
Local economic impact (payroll/utility/property taxes paid annually) $13 million
Investment in the community ● Community donations
● Over 600 hours of community service
Investment in health, environment and safety

● The plant is equipped with state-of-the-art environmental monitoring and controls, including a wastewater treatment plant that can treat more than one million gallons of water each day.
● Responsible Care® Participants – an industry-wide initiative among members of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) to demonstrate continuing commitment to health, safety and the environment.

Safety record 

● 10 years without a lost time injury

● OSHA Voluntary Protection Plan (VPP) Star Site. There are approximately 1,600 Star sites in the U.S. out of 6 million work sites. The Axis facility is the first Arkema site to achieve this designation
Awards/certifications for safety, environmental, and quality

ISO 9001:2015 certification 

ISO 45001:2018 certification


Community involvement / Local events we sponsor

  • McDavid-Jones Elementary School Partners-In-Education Program – The plant is a participant in the Mobile County School System’s "Partners-in-Education" (PIE) program since its inception in 1990.  The program was created to form working relationships between individual public schools and local business, government, volunteer and civic leaders. 
  • LeMoyne Community Advisory Panel (CAP) - Representatives from the plant meet regularly with members of the community and representatives of other companies, to work together to help the LeMoyne area grow, develop and be fully informed of chemical manufacturing in the area.
  • LeMoyne Industrial Park Annual Community Day – Annual event provides the opportunity for community to meet plant workers and management and allows member companies to show their appreciation for the strong support of the local community.
  • Partners for Environmental Progress (PEP) – A local environmental collaboration between industry and community.

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Last updated: May 2020