Clear Lake, Texas production plant

Products and markets

The Clear Lake, Texas plant manufactures three products described below.

  1. We use a process that reacts propylene (hydrocarbon gas) with air to produce acrylic acid. The plant runs year-round on a 24-hour schedule.
  2. We use a process that combines acrylic acid with butanol (butyl alcohol) to produce butylacrylate.
  3. We use a process that combines acrylic acid with methanol (methyl alcohol) to produce methylacrylate.

Acrylic acid, butylacrylate and methylacrylate are widely used in the manufacture of personal care and household products including such items as disposable diapers, hand lotion, detergent, shampoo, acrylic yarn and water-based acrylic coatings, as well as water treatment chemicals.


Key figures for 2018

Investment in health, environment and safety
  • $100 million new reactor project approved with planned start-up in early 2019
  • ~$20 million capital investment yearly – including ~$2.7 million in health, safety and environmental projects: Automated process safety shut down systems; mechanical integrity; process safety improvements
Awards/certifications for safety, environmental and quality

ISO 9001 certification

ISO 14001 certification

ISO 18001 certification

ISO 50001 certification

Clear Lake HSEQ Commitment Statement

• Responsible Care® management system certified

• Various customer and supplier awards


Arkema is committed to the communities it serves through Common Ground.

The Arkema Group, through its Common Ground® program is committed to building relationships between our Company and its communities. Community relations enable the Group to open up its sites to the outside world and establish genuine relations of trust with all its stakeholders.

Community involvement

  • Industrial Mutual Aid Program – We participate in the Channel Industries Mutual Aid (CIMA) in coordination with other local chemical companies. This enables area facilities to help one another to prepare for and effectively respond to natural disasters and accidents.
  • Bay Area Community Advisory Panel (CAP) – Local Bayport chemical companies work together in an open environment with local area residents, meeting each month to share information on our safety programs, learn about topics of mutual interest and answer questions and address community concerns.
  • Science Teacher Program – Our site hosts a group of local teachers each summer to provide them with new knowledge and resources to help bring science to life for students in grades 3-6.
  • Pasadena Livestock Show & Rodeo BBQ Cook-off
  • Trash Bash for local bayous and waterways
  • Hurricane Harvey outreach program
  • United Way®
  • Girls & Boys Harbor toy drive


Clear Lake, Texas
9502B Bayport Blvd.
Pasadena, TX 77507
Phone: 713-751-7350
Fax: 713-751-7284

Last updated: May 2019
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