Geneseo, New York production plant

The Geneseo, New York plant produces liquid organic peroxides that are used primarily in the production of acrylics, elastomers, LDPE (low density polyethylene), polyesters, polystyrene and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Many products that we encounter daily, from automobile components to food packaging, owe their existence to the chemicals produced at the Geneseo plant.

Products and markets

Boats, tubs and spas are cured by peroxides made at Geneseo. These are more commonly known by their tradename Luperox® Organic Peroxide. One of our products allows plastics to be more easily processed to shape plastic furniture. Another is used in the manufacture of kitchen counter-tops. Our plant also produces peroxydicarbonates used to make PVC, which is then used in turn to make many familiar products such as vinyl siding and plastic piping. The Geneseo plant also produces a variety of benzoyl peroxides used in acne medication and polystyrene.


The Geneseo plant has been operating in this community for more than 60 years.

Key figures for 2017

Investment in the community

$12,000 investment, including:

United Way®

• Livingston County Backpack Program

Science Teachers Program

Investment in health, environment and safety

• Ongoing conservation projects (including energy/water)

• Scrap / plastic recycling

Responsible Care® member -- an industry-wide initiative among members of the American Chemistry Council - demonstrating commitment to health, safety and the environment

Awards/certifications for safety, environmental and quality

ISO 9001 certification

OHSAS 18001 certification

RCMS certification

FSSC / ISO 22000 certification (Food Safety)


Arkema is committed to the communities it serves through Common Ground.

The Arkema Group, through its Common Ground® program is committed to building relationships between our Company and its communities. Community relations enable the Group to open up its sites to the outside world and establish genuine relations of trust with all its stakeholders.

Recent Twitter activity

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Local associations / events we sponsor

Community involvement

  • Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) – We are a charter member and have conducted plant tours and safety training with members of the local fire department and Emergency Medical Service.
  • Community Advisory Panel (CAP) – Consisting of local residents, community leaders and plant employees, the CAP serves as a forum to inform the community about Arkema and addresses any questions or concerns our neighbors may have.
  • Arkema Science Teachers Program – We provide a summer science workshop for local elementary science teachers, with materials and learning used more broadly across multiple grades.
  • Plant tours – We offer plant tours to students, interested neighbors, and community leaders. In addition, we invite our neighbors to regular open houses.


Geneseo, New York
3289 Genesee Street
Piffard, NY 14533
Phone: 585-243-0330
FAX: 585-243-2649

Last updated: June 2017


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