Arkema Inc. Developing Engineer Program

The purpose of Arkema's Developing Engineer Program is to provide Arkema with disciplined, entry-level engineers and to introduce college graduates to the chemical manufacturing world. After the successful completion of two challenging years, these engineers will have acquired sufficient depth of experience and breadth of perspective about company operations to seamlessly move into regular assignments within Arkema.

Life as a Developing Engineer

Arkema's Developing Engineers are expected to function in various roles, including: Production Engineer, Process Engineer, Technology Engineer, Project Engineer, Pilot Plant Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Integrity Engineer, Safety Engineer, Environmental Engineer, and many more. Developing Engineers are typically located in the United States, although overseas assignments have been provided in the past.

Developing Engineering Program
Developing Engineering Program

Developing Engineers will apply the theoretical knowledge learned in college to practical applications in the chemical manufacturing world. Typical activities include:

  • Analyzing process data and troubleshooting process units
  • Evaluating unit performance and compiling production reports
  • Developing conceptual flow sheets for chemical processes
  • Preparing heat, material, and energy balances
  •  Developing logistics to implement solutions, install equipment, and complete projects
  • Performing calculations to size new equipment
  • Analyzing and troubleshooting equipment
  • Participating in Process Hazard Reviews and other process safety activities
  • Contributing to turnaround, start-up, and commissioning activities
  • Evaluating mechanical integrity of equipment
  • Leading and executing small capital projects

Do you have what it takes to work in a chemical plant?

Developing Engineers are immediately involved in the chemical manufacturing world as process engineers working at a full-sized chemical plant. Being able to handle great responsibility is a must for Developing Engineers.


Different issues will arise every day, and a Developing Engineer will be helping to solve them quickly and effectively. Being a flexible problem solver and a critical thinker will be vital to success as a Developing Engineer.

Developing Engineering Program

Becoming a process engineer requires the ability to work well in teams consisting of people of diverse backgrounds. Developing Engineers will work with engineers, operators, health and safety representatives, mechanics, environmental leaders, electricians, managers, business representatives, and many others. Regardless of role, coworkers are crucial to success as a Developing Engineer.


Developing Engineers will gradually be introduced to increasing levels of responsibility, eventually making key decisions on production units. Writing reports on unit operations, completing data analysis to solve complex problems, developing logistics to resolve issues, and communicating all findings are just some responsibilities of Developing Engineers.


Besides the traits listed above, there are many other qualities that Arkema looks for in Developing Engineers:

  • Enthusiastic leadership
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • A heightened sense of professionalism
  • Strong communication skills
  • And many more!


Olivia Wetta – Grand Rapids, Michigan

olivia-wettsAs the first ever North Kansas City Developing Engineer (DE), I was able to assume substantial responsibility right away. My most significant project involved leading a multifunctional team in an initiative to increase the production capacity of the plant. Using LEAN Six Sigma methodology, I analyzed data to determine the current process capability and to prioritize debottlenecking projects. The DE program not only gave me experience in applying classroom knowledge to a real manufacturing environment, but helped me develop the soft skills necessary to work effectively in cross-functional teams. Now as I transition to a new position as a process technology engineer at the Grand Rapids, MI plant, I am able to apply my experience in debottlenecking and process control to help improve batch-to-batch consistency and meet expanding customer demand.



Grand Rapids, Michigan Process Engineer 2016 - Present
North Kansas City, Missouri Developing Engineer 2014 - 2016