Local research and development

Arkema Inc.’s research and development team strives to create an industry standard as a leader in technology and advancement in sciences.

Innovation in the Americas

Arkema Inc. is committed to developing solutions today for tomorrow’s societal needs. Dedicated to sustainable growth and development, two thirds of Arkema's R&D efforts are focused on sustainability, via six primary, forward-looking innovation platforms:

  • Bio-based products
  • New energies
  • Water management
  • Electronic solutions
  • Lightweight materials and design
  • Home efficiency and insulation
  • Renewable materials


Faced with the depletion of fossil fuel resources, Arkema is working to develop new energies, products created from renewable raw materials and lightweight materials which save energy.  Faced with a rising world population and increasing water shortages, Arkema also continues to work on new water treatment and conservation solutions.