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Arkema Inc. corporate research

Arkema strives to collaborate with university and government laboratories for corporate research that drives innovation.

Corporate research is responsible for long-term developments key to the future growth of Arkema Inc. and strives to identify and develop breakthrough technologies through:

  • driving collaborations with universities and government laboratories
  • establishing relationships with global experts
  • pursuing government funding in support of research activities aligned with strategic priorities
  • identifying and developing technology platformsas potential growth engines such as:
    • nanostructured materials
    • next generations materials for alternative energies
    • supramolecular chemistry
    • high-performance polymers and composites for lightweighting applications
    • membranes for applications such as water filtration/ purification
  • managing Arkema’s new product developmentsthat are not yet ready to fit into an existing business:
    • Graphistrength® carbon nanotubes used in applications that demand mechanical strength enhancement, electrostatic antistatic dissipation (ESD), catalyst support, and energy storage (batteries and capacitors).
    • Nanostrength® block copolymers made up of two or more chemically distinct segments and Apolhya® a high performance polyamide grafted on a polyolefin backbone, which inherently self assemble at the nanometer length-scale.
    • Reverlink® supramolecular technology, which enables polymer-type behavior from small or medium-sized molecules linked through thermo-reversible physical bonds and/or polymers with very unique properties such as selfhealing and extreme dampening.
    • Polyether ketone ketone (PEKK), a high-temperature, highperformance thermoplastic polymer used in high-tech applications and markets, such as aeronautics and electronics.