Arkema Inc. technologies and staff

Akema’s expert technical staff of chemists, engineers, scientists and a variety of other disciplines lead the industry in research and development.

Technologies and staff

Our company

Arkema Inc. relies on a broad range of technical capabilities. Below you can find a list of key words to illustrate the areas of expertise of our research and development staff. While most of our researchers and scientists consist of chemists and chemical engineers, many other disciplines are also represented. In order to enhance communications with our customers and the technical community, and to promote the professional growth of our scientists, Arkema Inc. encourages the publication and presentation of technical work as it may be appropriate for the support of its businesses.

Polymers research

Fluoropolymers and specialty polyamides

High-pressure polymerization, emulsion polymerization, compounding, injection molding; tubing and pipe extrusion, cast film extrusion, blown film extrusion, polymers bulk mechanical properties, aging, weathering, liquid coatings formulation, coatings physical properties, powder coating formulations, electrostatic spray coating and fluidized bed coating.

Functional additives

Emulsion polymerization, free-radical polymerization, polymer functionalization and grafting, polymer processing, organometallic, organotin and organosulfur chemistry, impact improvement of plastics, thermal stability of plastics, weathering of plastics, organometallic chemistry, esterification, trans-esterification and urethane catalysts, glass coatings, chemical vapor deposition and metal oxide films.


Synthesis and purification of organic peroxides, free-radical chemistry, polymer synthesis, polymer crosslinking, polymer modification (grafting, alloying/blending, compatibilization, reactive processing), polymer melt rheological control and unsaturated polyesters.

Thiochemicals research

Organic chemistry of sulfur and nitrogen, electrochemistry, surface science, heterogeneous catalysis and free-radical chemistry.

Fluorochemicals research

Polyurethane foams, refrigeration and air conditioning, foam insulation, solvents, aerosols, reactions with hydrofluoric acid and fluorination catalysis.  Visit the Fluorochemicals site.

Hydrogen peroxide research

Oxidation of organic materials, catalytic oxidation, pulp and paper bleaching, specialty applications for non-chlorine oxidants, detergents, cleaning products, and personal care, organic chemistry and inorganic complexation chemistry. Visit the hydrogen peroxide site.