Fluoropolymer research advances renewable materials

Developing sustainability across diverse applications calls for innovative chemistry from the fluoropolymer research and development team.

The fluoropolymers research group includes a global multi-disciplinary team of scientists working in areas from new molecule synthesis and process scale up to application development and customer technical support.

The labs contain state-of-the-art equipment needed for scientists to conduct fluoropolymers synthesis, material characterization, material transformations and application testing in customer processes.


In North America, we have teams focusing on: synthesis and process optimization, industrial application developments and coating application developments.

Our most recent developments illustrate how we continuously look for opportunities to bring value to our customers through new products and applications such as:

  • low VOC waterborne Kynar Aquatec® resins for a range of OEM and renovation coating applications
  • multi-layered Kynar® films for protecting other substrates, like photovoltaic cells, from weathering
  • grafted Kynar® resins with excellent adhesion to polyamides, polyethylene and other plastics or to metals
  • Kynar® HSV resin developed as a binder for lithium ion batteries
  • high purity Kynar® PVDF resins for use in bio-processing and pharmaceuticals production


Our fluoropolymers research group in King of Prussia, works in close collaboration with fluoropolymers research teams in Serquigny (France), Pierre-Bénite (France), and Kyoto (Japan), as well as Arkema’s other research labs, universities, national labs and industrial partners.