Air conditioning and refrigeration

As a leader in the air conditioning and refrigeration markets, Arkema has created a line of refrigerants and blowing agents that meet increasingly strict environmental standards. With a base of operations in the Americas in Calvert City, Kentucky, Arkema produces fluorinated gases and refrigerant fluids designed for low and medium temperature air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Forane® refrigerants

To facilitate the reduction in emissions of ozone depleting substances, Forane® has transitioned from hydrochlorofluorocarbons, also known as HCFCs, to hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs.  In a sustainable effort to reduce our carbon footprint and CO2 emissions, Arkema's research and development teams continue to work to introduce new, low-GWP refrigerants in the Americas, as growing populations cause increased demand in heating and cooling applications.

Arkema manufactures a wide variety of refrigerants directly out of Calvert City, KY, ideal for use in a number of commercial and residential applications. The most popular refrigerants include Forane® 22, Forane® 410A, Forane® 134a, and Forane® 427A,which are typically used in residential and commercial air conditioning, refrigeration, chillers, room air conditioning, transport refrigeration, dehumidifiers, and small chillers.

Forane® blowing agents

As the chemical R-12 was removed from production by the end of 1995, Forane® replaced the refrigerant with a non-toxic cooling agent, 134a, that has proven to imitate the same characteristics of R-12, while still being less hazardous to the environment.


In recent years, Arkema has worked towards development of low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and blowing agents to reduce environmental impact and move toward a better consumer experience.  One of these low GWP blends, Forane® 1233zd, is a high performance, low GWP blowing agent used in a variety of "cold" applications such as cold rooms, cold stores, cold warehouses and refrigerated trucks.