Chemical and plastics industries

With various intermediate products for the chemical and plastics industries, Arkema provides solutions for the formulation and manufacturing of synthetic products used in a variety of industrial applications. In addition, Arkema’s products help improve the performance of plastics with a range of additives and modifiers.


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Epoxides for flexible vinyl, coatings and industrial formulations

Often used as additives and modifiers for vinyl formulations, Arkema's specialty epoxide products, such as Vikoflex®, Vikolox® and epoxidized terpenes are manufactured in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota. Many of the epoxides products produced at the plant are sustainable and support the local economy by utilizing vegetable and soybean oil from local Midwest growers. Arkema’s Vikoflex® line of epoxy plasticizers are one of the highest quality, dual-function, epoxidized vegetable oils available today and are ideal for improving low-temperature properties of flexible PVC.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) additives in plastics

Durastrength®Plastistrength® and Clearstrength® provide high mechanical strength and excellent chemical resistance for pipe and fitting formulations, siding and trim and window and door profiles. Manufactured in Mobile, Alabama, these plastic additives are used in a variety of plastics and PVC applications. Durastrength® impact modifiers offer extreme weatherability, heat stability and increased impact strength at low temperatures. Plastistrength® processing aids assist in plastic processing by promoting fusion, improving melt strength, eliminating surface defects and decreasing plate out.

Hydrogen peroxide for chemical process applications

As one of the most critical uses of hydrogen peroxide, Arkema’s Bécancour, Quebec, Canada and Memphis, Tennessee sites provide manufacturing facilities throughout the Americas with highly purified hydrogen peroxide for chemical reaction applications. A powerful inorganic oxidizing agent, hydrogen peroxide is used in the synthesis of both intermediates and end use chemicals. Among its numerous uses, some applications of hydrogen peroxide include the synthesis of peroxides, epoxidation of olefins, hydroxylation of phenol, oxidation of amines and hydrazine hydrate, and the preparation of peracetic acid and percarbonate.