Consumer goods

As part of a continuing push to innovate in all areas, Arkema strives to provide a variety of solutions in the consumer goods market.  Arkema's products are present in a variety of everyday end-use applications, from beauty and hygiene products to sporting equipment.

Beauty, cosmetics and healthcare

Luperox® Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is a key ingredient in many over-the-counter and prescription skin care products on the market today. Arkema Inc.'s long history of making benzoyl peroxides in our Geneseo, NY plant provides this market with quality and reliable product that is FDA and USP compliant.  As the only known manufacturer of pharma benzoyl peroxide in the United States, Arkema Inc. is well positioned to grow with consumer needs in this area.

Peroxides for cosmetics and personal care

Arkema's hydrogen peroxides are commonly used in the preparation of hair care products for bleaching and colorants, as well as other personal care applications, such as teeth bleaching gels, pastes and mouthwash.  Diluted solutions of Arkema's hydrogen peroxides are also used for skin disinfection and decontamination of contact lenses.  Certain grades of Peroxal®are ideal for cosmetic and personal care applications, as they start from distilled hydrogen peroxide and guarantee high purity and reliable quality.

Sports equipment

Athletes should be focused on speed and flexibility, not equipment endurance. By enhancing sports equipment to provide long-lasting wear, lighter weights and optimal comfort, Arkema allows athletes to concentrate on what matters most. Whether it's improving control on the tennis court or providing more breathable clothing for runners, Arkema provides innovative chemistry so athletes thrive during rigorous training sessions and competitions.

Vikoflex® epoxidized vegetable oils

Flexibility around your home

Flexible PVC compounds are found in all corners of the home.  Vikoflex® epoxides add the flexibility needed to otherwise rigid plastics, from garden hoses and tubing to childrens' toys and vinyl swimming pool liners.  Arkema's renewable technologies in this market include Vikoflex® epoxides manufactured at our Blooming Prairie, MN plant and made from vegetable oils grown right here in the USA.

Durastrength® acrylic impact modifiers

Strength from chemistry

Rigid PVC compounds are used in pipe, siding and decking, fencing, and window profiles found all around the home.  In order to gain the long lasting impact strength needed to resist weather, foot traffic, or water pressure, PVC compounds are improved using Arkema's Durastrength® acrylic impact modifiers made at the Axis, AL plant. These products toughen the surface of rigid PVC products to extend their useable lifespan.

Certincoat® container and flat glass coatings

Shine and scratch resistance for bottles and windows

Glass is everywhere around the home and office.  Whether it's wine and beer bottles, or the panes of glass that cover towering skyscrapers in our cities.  Arkema's Certincoat® container glass coatings are on the majority of beer and wine bottles in the USA and Canada.  These coatings give the shine and lubricity that makes glass the material of choice for beverages. Certincoat® flat glass coatings protect architectural glass from weathering and Low Emissivity Technology helps lower energy costs by blocking solar radiation.