Sports equipment

Choosing the right gear can be tough. Athletes continue to set the bar high for measuring equipment performance through thousands of hours of rigorous training and competition. Comfortable, lightweight and durable equipment that supports and enhances performance is paramount. With this in mind, Arkema provides specialty plastics and polymers to enhance sports equipment, allowing for longer lifespans, lighter weights and additional comfort during use.

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Arkema and the race to the finish line

Every ounce matters

Athletes strive to go faster, farther and higher than their competition. Arkema helps athletes concentrate on what they do best. Free from worry over equipment wear, athletes can focus on countless hours of training and working toward a gold medal. Without sacrificing comfort, durability or shock absorption, our lightweight solutions are present in a growing number of sport applications:

Lightweight plastics, resins and polymers

Speed is critical in the world of professional athletics. The difference of a tenth of a second can be the determining factor in winning the gold medal. Without sacrificing durability, Arkema provides lightweight materials that leave performance unhindered. By developing innovative materials, Arkema enhances end products with minimal impact to weight. This includes Pebax® polyether block amide used in the soles of football, baseball, basketball, rugby, jogging/running and hiking shoes and bio-sourced Rilsan® polyamide, which provides lightweight, renewable solutions for bicycle saddles and protective goggles/eyewear.

Extreme durability of thermoplastic resins

To survive thousands of hours of training and competition, athletes’ equipment must remain durable over time without sacrificing other integral characteristics. Pebax® resin offer a range of different flexibilities to equipment designers, as well as shock resistance and enduring elasticity, making it the choice material in a dynamic range of demanding sports applications. Solarkote® PMMA resin provides enhanced impact resistance for exterior hulls on kayaks, boats and jet-skis. Rilsamid® high-performance polymers, Pebax® resin and Orgalloy® thermoplastic alloys provide durable formulations for some of the most extreme winter sports. Standing up to the most rigorous and intense temperature-sensitive applications allow athletes to concentrate on their own performance.

Comfort athletes depend on

Athletes not only depend on the resilience of their equipment, but also the comfort it provides. Arkema's polyamide and resin ranges enhance the comfort of sports equipment in applications known for fatigue and rigorous conditions. Arkema develops materials like Pebax® polyether block amide for the soles of sports shoes, Rilsan® bio-sourced polyamide for use in various bicycle saddles and Orgalloy® thermoplastic alloys for the tip of figure ice skates and ice hockey skates. From skates and skis to shoe soles with enhanced energy return, Arkema provides innovative chemistry without sacrificing performance.

Bringing ultra-resistance to boat cockpit windows

Commanded by skipper Lalou Roucayrol, the 50-foot, Arkema trimaran has clocked miles across the oceans over the past four years, even winning the Quebec - Saint-Malo Transat race in 2016.  Made with Altuglas® ShieldUp nanostructured acrylic sheet, the cockpit window and the glazing shielding the two helms feature unique properties that don’t compromise transparency. Weighing half as much as conventional glass, the boat’s acrylic glass is an innovative green alternative that offers excellent shock and chemical resistance on the sea.