Food and agrochemicals

Arkema has worked to develop a broad-spectrum of products for the food and agrochemical industries in an effort to meet growing population demands while maintaining safe and sustainable environmental practices.

Paladin® soil fumigants

Paladin® soil fumigants are providing alternatives to many of the existing pesticides in the U.S. and the Americas.  They have proven to provide excellent control over weeds, soil-borne diseases, and nematodes.  Derived from dimethyl disulfide (DMDS), a sulfur substance found naturally in the environment, Paladin® soil fumigants have been approved by the EPA in the U.S. and approved for use in several other countries in the Americas as a safe alternative to existing methyl bromide solutions.  Paladin® provides protection for a variety of crops, including tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, blueberries, and bush berries, helping farmers lose less and produce more for a growing population.

Paladin DMDS soil fumigant; an alternative to methyl bromide.
Benzoyl peroxides for dairy and whey bleaching applications.

Luperox® benzoyl peroxide suspensions for dairy and whey bleaching

Safety and flexibility through innovation

Cheeses and whey-based protein beverages depend on bleaching chemicals for their pure white colors. Luperox® A40FP-EZ9 aqueous benzoyl peroxide suspension is an improvement in safety and processability over the traditional benzoyl peroxide powder and hydrogen peroxide liquid bleaching agents common in today's market.  Luperox® A40FP-EZ9 aqueous benzoyl peroxide suspension is compliant with US FDA, Health Canada, and is Kosher Certified.

Scaleva® for industrial cleaning and descaling

Scaleva® is typically used in descaling applications in the food and beverage industry and is ideal for industrial cleaning applications for breweries and dairy farms.  Scaleva® is a strong, biodegradeable acid used for hard surface cleaning and removal of metallic iron scale buildup, while maintaining low corrosivity to metals and low toxicity and ecotoxicity.

Scaleva for industrial descaling in dairy and brewery

Performance manufacturing and processing for plastic packaging

Inside your refrigerator is a perfect example of Arkema's comprehensive offering to the food packaging industry.  Luperox® peroxyester and peroxyketal initiators are used to form the low-density polyethylene and polystyrenes that make up the majority of bags, trays, foams, and films that protect food from contamination and spoiling.  Manufacturing these polymers is only half of the story.  To transform flakes of raw polymers into the products used to package food requires Plastistrength® Acrylic Processing Aids and Vikoflex® Epoxidized Vegetable Oils.  These additives help increase flexibility, tensile strength, and temperature performance to protect foods from the grocery store to the table.

Arkema's offerings are also seen when enjoying a beverage in a glass bottle. Whether it is a soft drink, beer, or wine, Arkema's Certincoat® container glass coating is likely covering the outer surface. Certincoat® glass coatings provide the shine and smooth glossy finish expected from a quality glass product.