Oil and gas

The oil and gas industry is constantly evolving, with new extraction methods and tighter environmental restrictions that provide unique challenges for producers. From extraction to transport, to refining and petrochemicals, Arkema’s products provide integral support for oil and gas applications through the entire production process. Innovation at Arkema is key to helping producers increase efficiency and production yields, with biosourced plastic piping that eliminates the need for cathodic protection, to PVDF with increased service life and resistance to the harshest chemicals and production environments.


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Biosourced polyamide 11 piping for high-pressure gas lines

Rilsan® polyamide 11 plastic piping is derived from castor oil and manufactured locally in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. Used as the reference material for the oil and gas sector, Rilsan® polyamide 11 is often found in offshore and onshore flexible flow lines, risers and high-pressure distribution systems. Not only is Rilsan® PA11 utilized in various coastal projects, but it has also served in a variety of projects across the Americas. A large project in Nebraska employed Rilsan® PA11 to divert methane gas from a landfill to a local distribution center.

Mercaptans and odorization services for safe handling of propane and natural gas

Safety is a top priority for the handling of typically odorless gas. Based in Pineville, Louisiana, Arkema subsidiary Odor-Tech® specializes in organosulfur products. Odor-Tech® provides blended gas odorants for propane and natural gas odorization, as well as a line of odor control agents. Odor-Tech® also provides efficient delivery throughout North America, with processes designed to eliminate the need for flaring, and ensuring delivery of both large and small-scale loads: from 1 gallon to 6,000 gallons.

PVDF for offshore gas exploration

Produced in Calvert City, Kentucky, Kynar® PVDF resins are used as a chemical barrier for production pipelines. The resins in contact with petroleum have a service life exceeding 20 years for temperatures up to 130°C. Kynar® PVDF meets the industry requirements for its resistance to the most aggressive oils, and is commonly used in:


  • Oil reserve rehabilitation lines
  • Oil field gathering lines
  • Offshore flexible pipelines
  • Offshore umbilicals
  • Cathodic protection cables
  • Underground gas sation piping
  • Automotive fuel handling systems
Rilsan® PA11 for offshore oil and gas exploration.

Epoxides for lubrication applications

Arkema’s Vikinol® dihydroxy alkanes are useful in lubrication applications needing excellent solubility in wax, organic solvents and oils. Since 1970, Vikinol® dihydroxy alkanes have been produced at Arkema's Blooming Prairie, Minnesota site. Lubricant formulators can rest assured knowing these alkanes work well as viscosity modifiers, acid scavengers or as a base oil for lube and fuel additives.