Renewable energies

Energy demands are expected to double by 2050, and with it, the demand for sustainable products is expected to grow as efforts increase to reduce climate-changing emissions. Arkema continues to increase R&D initiatives for the development of sustainable materials for renewable energies.


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MSA LC protects equipment and supports high quality biodiesel production

MSA LC (Methane Sulfonic Acid Low Corrosion) is a strong acid catalyst for pre-esterification. This key step increases producer yield by converting free fatty acids to quality biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters or FAME).


Biodiesel equipment, especially stainless steel, often fails due to corrosion from catalysts with extreme pH. Unlike sulfuric acid, toluene sulfonic acid and hydrochloric acid, MSA LC does not corrode when used in pre-esterification process.


Other benefits of MSA LC include:


  • Better selectivity than other acids
  • Better biodiesel color and clarity
  • Reduced cost & time for waste treatment

Cool white roofing for energy return and conservation

Made from materials manufactured in Calvert City, Kentucky, Kynar Aquatec® latex-based coatings enable buildings to reflect the sun’s energy from the roof surface and allow the roof to quickly emit heat energy into the atmosphere. Cool roof reflectance allows buildings to retain cool air more easily, reducing the frequency of cooling system cycles. Cool roofs utilizing Kynar Aquatec® coatings not only help reduce energy costs, but cut necessary maintenance, prolong the roof’s service life and reduce urban heat islands. Kynar Aquatec® coatings have provided cool roofing reflectance for a variety of iconic buildings throughout temperate climates on the West Coast and in the Southern and Southwestern United States.

 Arkema's certincoat is great for photovoltaic applications

Organic peroxides for photovoltaics

Manufactured in Geneseo, NY, Crosby, TXCoatzacoalcos, Mexico and Rio Claro, Brazil, Luperox® organic peroxides are used as crosslinking agents in ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) encapsulant film. Luperox® organic peroxides crosslink the EVA during the lamination cycle of photovoltaic (PV) module production and provide increased tensile strength, decreased polymer crystallinity and decreased creep. Through constant testing of capabilities at Arkema’s Americas R&D facility in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, improvements to EVA crosslinking and extrusion are regularly being made.

Kynar® PVDF for rechargable lithium-ion batteries

As demand in the mobile computing industry skyrockets, manufacturers continue to search for improvements in the area of high-performance, rechargeable batteries. High molecular weight Kynar® PVDF for lithium-ion battery components provide improved performance and longevity through a high level of electrochemical resistance.


Currently, nearly one third of the lithium-ion batteries found inside personal computers and mobile computing devices contain Kynar® PVDF.