Clearstrength® 350

Clearstrength® MBS impact modifiers

Clearstrength® 350 MBS impact modifier offers low temperature impact performance to applications in calendared or extruded film and sheet. Clearstrength® 350 MBS modifier is typically used in PVC formulations for food or pharmaceutical packaging.  Dedicated information on regulatory status is available upon request.

Others products in the range

Clearstrength® E950

Clearstrength® E950 is a new MBS impact modifier that imparts excellent ambient and cold temperature toughness to engineering polymers. Clearstrength® E950 impact modifier is produced using a proprietary technology which affords improved impact performance consistency and stability under severe processing conditions. Clearstrength® E950 impact modifier is the next generation Clearstrength® E-series modifier for polycarbonate, polyesters and PC alloys like PC/PBT.