Coapur™ XS 22

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Coapur™ XS 22 is Newtonian type with optimized balance between high, medium and low shear viscosities for alkyd in emulsion paints.

It provides control of brush drag, spatter resistance and film build with no deterioration of ease of coat and leveling with high levels of gloss.

Use in alkyd emulsion paints and other high quality paints.

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Coapur™ 975 W

Coapur™ 975 W brings unique performances. Compatible and robust across a wide range of binder technologies, it combines versatility with high efficiency and ease of use for sustainable formulations. Its unique pseudo plastic rheology profile, strong at medium shear rates (Stormer Viscosity (KU) builder), with significant contribution at high shear rates. Low shear viscosity remains reasonable in order to optimize levelling and sag resistance. Colour acceptance is significantly improved.