Durastrength® 382

Durastrength® acrylic impact modifiers

Durastrength® 382 acrylic impact modifier is a new generation high-rubber acrylic impact modifier designed to meet the most demanding impact standards in durable vinyls.  Even at low use levels in challenging applications like vinyl window profiles, Durastrength® 382 acrylic impact modifier delivers high impact strength, a wide processing window, and high gloss surface finish.  The formulation has been optimized for use with Ca/Zn stabilizers and is also useful in C-PVC or flexible vinyl applications.

Geographic availability

Africa and Middle-East


  • Building and construction
    • Building and construction
    • Exterior building products
    • Extrusion
    • PVC
  • Chemical and plastics industry
    • Additives
    • PVC
    • Plastic additives


  • Fence, deck and rail
  • Fence, deck and rail extrusion
  • Plastics additives
  • Siding
  • Window profile
  • Window profile extrusion