Rheocoat™ 27

Rheocoat™ is a range of alkali swellable rheology modifiers (ASE & HASE)

Rheocoat™ 27 is a thickener with moderate thickening power and outstanding water retention properties for coated paper and board.

Rheocoat™ 27 is prefered when the demand of water retention is crucial.

Well suited to coating colors with coarser pigments.

Fast swelling thickener, Rheocoat™ 27 helps to reduce pH shocks and agglomerate risks.

Well adapted to all types of coating kitchen.
Ready to use semi neutralized emulsion.

Geographic availability



  • Packaging and Paper
    • Paper and board


  • Board blade
  • Film press
  • Inkjet inks
  • Paper and board coating
  • Paper blade