Rheosperse™ 3620

Rheosperse™: Minerals processing - Coatex

Dispersing agent designed for anatase TiO2 slurries.

For concentrated suspensions, Rheosperse™ 3620 provides high temperature stability of slurries with high stability that allows TiO2 anatase slurries to be blended with other minerals slurries.

Low level of use.

Liquid, ready to use dispersing agent.

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Rheosperse™ 3020

Dispersing agent for thermally concentrated kaolin clays. Rheosperse™ 3020 fits with a wide variety of kaolin clays coming from different deposits, is a cost effective alternative to phosphates. Especially designed to disperse kaolin clays with high specific surfaces, fine to ultra fine. Very efficient, low level of use needed. It provides excellent storage stability. It complies with international Paper Food Additives regulations. Liquid, ready to use dispersing agent.