TPS® 20


TPS® 20 is an inactive trisulfide sulfur donor additive (20% sulfur) showing excellent extreme-pressure and anti-wear properties, almost non-corrosive to copper & compatibility with mineral, synthetic base oils and greases.


Key properties: almost colorless and odorless, limpid, free of unsatured hydrocarbon residues and easily emulsified in emulsions and semi-synthetic fluids. 


CAS number
Chemical name
Polysulfides di-tert-dodecyl
Common name


TPS® 20 is suitable for working with copper alloys, gear oil formulations and soluble oil formulations for cold-rolling. TPS® 20 is odorless, almost colorless and shows excellent thermal stability making it the best choice for rolling oils. In addition, TPS® 20 is fully compatible (no chemical degradation) with emulsifier-type concentrates used in the formulations of emulsion or micro-emulsion.

  • Density (20°C = 68°F): 950 kg/m3
  • Viscosity (20°C): 208 mPa.s
  • Viscosity (40°C): 53 mPa.s
  • Pour point ≤ 20°C
  • Refraction index n20/D: 1.514
  • Vapor pressure (20°C): 0.03 hPa
  • Specific heat at 20 °C: 0.46 kcal/kg/°C


TPS® 20 is completely soluble in most hydrocarbonated solvents such as toluene, white spirits and fuels. It is fully compatible with mineral and vegetable oils. It is slightly soluble in light alcohols but not soluble in water.

Geographic availability



  • Automotive and transportation
    • Gear oils
  • General industry
    • Greases
    • Metal working fluids
    • Slideway oils