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Gas odorant for Natural Gas and LPG

Arkema offers worldwide a full range of gas odorant and related local services, for both natural gas (THT, Spotleak®) and LPG (Ethyl mercaptan, Vigileak®).

We deliver in bulk, unloading gas odorant within close-loop to provide odor-free deliveries.

We have also a large fleet of semi-bulk-containers and returnable drums. This packaging provides dry-break coupling to handle safely these odorant chemicals. Having a dedicated gas odorant R&D laboratory in Lacq (France), we also provide technical support.

Products in this range

Ethyl mercaptan for the gas industry

You look for the EthylMercaptan manufacturers? Arkema produces EthylMercaptan in Beaumont, Texas, from which we serve the South and North American markets. To secure our European and Sea export customers, we can store and fill EthylMercaptan in different packaging in our Rotterdam plant (The Netherlands). We can also propose alternatives to the market for propane and butane odorization with the Vigileak grades. You must add mercptan in LPG to secure the use of this energy. We can help you! EthylMercaptan is also used in agrochemical synthesis to make Phorate and Clethodim as well as many other pesticides. Contact Arkema, a worldwide EthylMercapan supplier!


O-Scent neutralizes any gas odor smell very efficiently and rapidly. It works on all Sulfur-related odor. O-Scent can be used to treat airborne odors, liquid spills, contaminated tools, odorizers parts and clothing. It is powerful enough to perform decontamination of tanks. O-Scent is uniquely based on the chemisorption technology. Diluted in water, O-Scent chemically bonds to odor causing molecules and neutralizes them very rapidly. O-Scent is not a cover-up but leaves behind a light and fresh scent.

O-Scent Antifreeze

O-Scent Antifreeze is an innovative product which ensures an effective odor control in winter conditions: it can be used below 32°F (0°C), down to -20°F (-29°C). O-Scent Antifreeze neutralizes any gas odorant very efficiently and rapidly. It must be sprayed: the finner the mist is, the faster you will eliminate an airborn stench. The O-Scent Antifreeze neutralizing agent is a key product to develop an odorant spill emergency response protocol. See also O-Scent OC Do not hesitate to contact us for further advices.

O-Scent OC

Used in more than 35 countries, O-Scent OC is an effective odor control agent for both preventive treatment and spill response. It neutralizes and masks any gas odorant very efficiently and rapidly. O-Scent is water based and must be sprayed to be efficient. The finner the mist is, the faster you will eliminate an airborn stench. In winter time, when temperatures are below 32°F (0°C), you should use O-Scent Antifreeze. The O-Scent OC neutralizing agent is a key product to develop a spill emergency protocol. Do not hesitate to contact us to get further advices.

Spotleak® Mercaptan products range for the gas industry

Arkema has developed a complete range of mercaptan and sulfide blends to answer any gas odorant request from gas distribution firms. We are producing raw materials and blending these odorant components whether in Lacq (France) or Rotterdam (Netherland) facilities. We also have filling stations in USA and Argentina to be close to our customers. We are offering Spotleak® grades worldwide in dedicated and secured packaging, providing services directly or together with local partners.


THT (TetraHydroThiophen) is perfectly matching the 13734 ISO rule for natural gas odorization. Arkema produces THT in Lacq (France), located on a gas field, having direct access to H2S raw material underground. We have developed a unique expertise on gas odorization, having a dedicated R&D laboratory and a focus group composed of trained people to measure odor intensity. Safety first: we provide THT in dedicated packaging together with technical support to select with you the most effective gas odorization methods.

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  • Biomethane odorization
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  • Natural gas odorization