Arkema Inc. foundation

The Arkema Inc. Foundation, through philanthropic grants and gifts to local social, cultural and educational organizations, enhances the quality of life in the communities where we do business.  The Foundation supports science and science education at all levels.

Arkema Inc. Foundation encourages science education

Our primary focus is advancing science education in grade schools in the communities we serve.  To that end, the Foundation’s most prominent initiative is the award-winning Arkema Inc. science teacher program.

The Arkema Inc. Foundation also provides support to a range of other worthy Pennsylvania based organizations near our headquarters location, including but not limited to:

Arkema Inc. foundation board members

  • Rich Rowe, President and chief executive officer, Arkema Inc.
  • Chris Giangrasso, Senior vice president, human resources, communications and site services
  • Ryan Dirkx, Vice president, research and development

How to apply

For those seeking grant support, we invite letters of inquiry throughout the year. These letters can be up to two pages in length, and should include:

  • a brief description of the program or project
  • the amount of funding requested
  • proof of non-profit status

We do not make grants to individuals. We also do not fund: 

  • sports teams or athletic competitions
  • advertising
  • event sponsorships
  • political campaigns or causes


Letters of inquiry may be sent to:

Arkema Inc. Foundation

900 First Avenue

King of Prussia, PA 19406