Responsible Care® performance measures

Arkema Inc. reports their performance metrics to the American Chemistry Council (ACC) annually.

In 2002, the Board of the American Chemistry Council approved a set of performance measures to be made available to the public through its Responsible Care® web site.


These measures enable Arkema as an individual company and ACC members as a group to target areas of Responsible Care® performance for continuous improvement. They also provide the public with a means to track individual company and industry performance in an accessible, transparent manner.


Arkema Inc. began reporting these new Responsible Care® performance measures to the ACC in early 2004. The current performance metrics below are reported to the ACC annually.

Responsible Care® performance metrics

Environmental metrics

  • Pounds of hazardous air pollutants released to the air
  • Pounds of SOx and NOx Emissions released to the air
  • Net water consumption in millions of gallons

Greenhouse gas and energy efficiency metrics

  • Greenhouse gas intensity pounds of CO2 equivalent net emissions per pound of production indexed to a base year
  • Energy efficiency in BTUs utilized per pounds of net production indexed to a base year

Safety and distribution metrics

  • Process safety incidents total number of incidents
  • OSHA recordable and lost work day incidence rates employees and contractors
  • Fatalities employees and contractors
  • DOT recordable incidents total number of incidents
  • Is the Responsible Care® partner status a consideration in your company's supply chain business decision?

Product stewardship and waste minimization metrics

  • Ranking high and non-high priority chemicals
  • Providing examples of waste minimization / beneficial reuse / internal and external recycling initiatives



We feel that numbers alone, whether they indicate success or point to areas for improvement do not tell Arkema's whole story.